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adding text in Arabic

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I'm not sure if you can use Arabic characters directly from the VP text editor. I have an Arabic font on my PC but the actual characters lie beyond the western letters in the file and as far as I know cannot be accessed by direct typing. You would need to enter the print codes for each character which would be very time consuming.

One way to get around this (at least this seems to work here) is to open the Windows font table and look at your list of fonts. You may have one called Arabic Typesetting  Open this in a separate window


To use this,  click each character followed by Select. The text builds up in the box.(The characters in the above image are just random.)  Now click the Copy button. Return to the VP text editor and Paste in the copied text.....


I don't speak Arabic but I think this should say something like The cat sat on the mat.

Another way is to use Google translator and copy/paste text from there to the Text Editor window where it should now be seen in the preview.....


Unfortunately like Hebrew, Arabic text is read from  right to left and this may possibly cause certain problems with editing or formatting of the pasted text.

Hope this helps a little



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