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VideoPad Video Editor freezes the frame

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I'm using the non-commercial version of VideoPad Video Editor. This issue isn't covered in NCH Software's FAQ on this app, and any attempts I make to find any contact information for technical support on this app just re-directs me to this FAQ.


When I download some videos off youtube and try to split them up so I can use small clips for use in my own videos, the videos will sometimes freeze at whatever frame I happen to split at. The audio will play without issue, but the video is frozen. Whatever frame was displayed when I split, the rest of the video will display that frame while the audio plays like it's supposed to.


This carries over, even if I remove the video and re-insert it into the project. To fix this problem, I have to download the video all over again, and then hope the problem doesn't happen again!


Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this problem?

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Video editing is resource intensive.  What are your PC's specifications:  CPU, GPU, RAM, free space on C:\?

Lowering preview resolution may help.  Right-click in the preview window to change it. Try toggling hardware acceleration on or off, under OPTIONS|EDITING tab, to see if that makes a difference.  Check this out as well. 

If possible, share a project where the freezing is evident.  To do that follow the instructions in the "Tips for getting help..." post near the top of this forum.

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