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Green & Red screen overlays after export

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I recently upgraded to Version 6.30, so if this issue has already been fixed, let me know.

Anyway, sometimes, when I export a video, the finished product will have a weird green and/or red blank screen over the footage. This usually happens whenever in between cuts (e.g. if i cut out a loading screen in a game), but sometimes, it can happen randomly.

Is this glitch documented? Has it been fixed already, and if not, are there currently any plans to fix it?

EDIT: I just exported a video using Version 6.30 and I still had this problem.

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No reports on this, as far as I know.

Share that video and someone will check it out.  To do that, see the post titled "Tips for getting help..." near the top of this forum.  It explains how to upload your project files.

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