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%NextOGM% is not running from plugin returned value

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Hi, I'm writing a plugin to be run from an OGM and that should return a value of a variable which opens an OGM depends on the variable value.


I'll explain:

I have a OGM which in settings "then go to OGM" is set to %NextOGM% and the plugin returns 'NextOGM=test' so IVM should open 'OGM test' when %NextOGM% needs to be opened...

It works fine as I see in the logs, meaning it gets a command to open 'OGM test' but some how it does not follow this command and instead it just saying goodbye and hangs up.


here's the logs:

12:30:06 Caller pressed key [7]
12:30:06 Command - Go
12:30:06 Open OGM: aTest
12:30:06 Run plugin: C:\pp\dist\next.exe
12:30:07 Play file: C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\IVM\OGMs\123.wav
12:30:07 Plugin returned: NextOGM=test

12:30:15 Command - Go
12:30:15 Open OGM: test

12:30:15 Play system prompt: GoodBye
12:30:16 Call has disconnected
12:30:16 Call disconnected

As you can see, there's empty lines after 'plugin returned' and after 'open OGM test'.


Any idea how to fix that?

I'd really appreciate it!!!

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Are you using the OGM web interface to tell IVM to do this? If so, try using the OGM interface from within the program itself. I was frustrated for days until I happened upon that solution. Somehow the web interface doesn't record the information correctly in the .ini file.

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