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How to position subtitle at current position?

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If no subtitle exists, then if i create a new subtitle it's positioned at current preview playback position. 

But another subtitle exists already, then when i create a new subtitle, it's added at the position of the previous subtitle. That's a problem. 

How to automatically position the new subtitle at current preview playback position?


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Just move the red cursor to the desired playback position,  press the Add button and then start typing your text.

It's always positioned at the red cursor's position when you add it. After adding a subtitle we just move the red cursor automatically to the new subtitle's end position because we assume the next subtitle is directly adjacent.

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it would be nice if subsequent subtitles behaved same as first subtitle. 

first subtitle goes to current preview position automatically. subsequent subtitles don't. That's inconsistent. 

seems you can do some navigation in the timeline that you cannot do in the subtitle editor. Seems i can position the playhead in the timeline in ways i cannot do in subtitle editor-- like lining up play position with some other object or split. 

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