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How to Fast Export?

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i found that a low-res export, with just 1 frame per second, takes the same amount of time to export as high-def, 60 fps!

how to do a fast, low-quality export?


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The main property it seems that affects the rendering time is not frames per second but resolution. Change the resolution to the lowest value consistent with the AR. I found a 50 second mpeg4 clip exported in 2 minutes with a Highest quality option 720p but a low quality smaller frame output completed in 40 seconds.

Naturally mpeg4 image quality suffered greatly and the sound was simply awful!!!  (IMHO I think there is a problem here)

Exporting as an avi completed perfectly in about 40 seconds as a 320 x 240 1fps file.  So..try just using a smaller frame size.


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