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My project will not export completely

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I am unable to finish exporting my project. The export “completes” at approximately 40-42%. I am using VideoPad Video Editor Professional v6.30.


Things I have tried to remedy the problem:

- Contacted NCH support staff, who gave me a lot of suggestions

- Updated Windows 10

- Updated all of the drivers on my computer that needed updating

- Uninstalled VideoPad completely, then did a clean install

- I tried installing/running as administrator

- I tried clearing the cashe and using other various settings

- Checked the Direct X information and there doesn't seem to be any issues



I7 7700K

32GB Ram

Samsung 960 Pro 512GB (approximately half full/empty) SSD

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS


Additional information:

I have been using VideoPad Video editor since approximately 2010 without any problems, until now. I believe this is the second or third time that I have purchased the editor. I like to make video's of my vacations etc.. However, I recently purchased the latest version of VideoPad for my newer computer as I have not used the program in a long time and I have been unable to get the program to export my project. I contacted NCH support and they suggested a lot of things, all of which I tried, but nothing has worked. I have spent a countless amount of hours trying everything to get the program to work properly, but nothing seems to work.

I took 1080p video's with my Canon T2i camera and 4K video with my Samsung S9 cell phone. I thought that perhaps mixing the two types of video was the reason behind my project not exporting, so I got rid of the 4k scenes and only used the scenes shot with my T2i. That did not work either. Of course, I tried exporting in all of the different formats and nothing worked.

The only way I can get a “project” to export completely (100%) is if I make a short 1 minute video from 11 clips, otherwise my real project “completes” at approximately 40-42%. I am hoping that someone here can help me figure out why my project is not exporting completely. In the meantime, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could download my project and export it to the highest quality possible. If it won't work on my computer, I am hoping that it will at least work on someone elses.


My Project:




Thank you,


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Exported successfully at 1920 x 1080P as an Mp4 after splitting the project into three sequences and combining them into a fourth.  This shouldn't be necessary, and the issue is being looked into.

Take a look at the Proxy Editing FAQ at the top of this forum.  May help on your next project.

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Hello borate,

Thank you for successfully exporting and uploading the video for me! Hopefully the issue with Video Pad Video Editor can get resolved as it is my favorite video editing program.


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Hey borate, I downloaded it from the first link you posted. Thanks again for all of the time and effort that you put into this! It is very much appreciated! I am really happy with the video!

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