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Why can't I select my installation folder?

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My desktop currently has three hard drives on it: Two SSDs and one HDD. The HDD is 2TB. My C Drive is a 64GB SSD and then I have a 250GB SSD. The original idea was for me to just have my OS installed on the 64GB SSD, and then have everything else that would benefit from the load times of an SSD be on the 250GB SSD, while my archives and things that don't normally require they work instantaneously (like archived copies of finalized videos I have already created) could be stored on the massive but slow 2TB HDD.

When I installed VideoPad on this system, it did not give me the option of where to install it. I had to install it on my C Drive.

However, because my C Drive is so small (it was originally intended only to store my OS and most essential apps), the VideoPadCache in my Temp folder often bloats up to practically fill up my C Drive completely. Just right now, my VideoPadCache folder has 20.0GB of cache files inside it!

I can choose which folder to save my snapshots and other VideoPad recordings in. Is there any way I could re-route the VideoPadCache files so that they save on my 250GB SSD, which is much better equipped to handle cache files of that magnitude?

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Are all those cache files in use?  If they belong to old, completed projects then they are just taking up space. So open up the vpj file for your current work, wait for VP to load it and then delete unused cache files from the Option/disc menu.

If you are worried about losing your old completed work, you haven't,  as provided you have all the old vpj files and all your old clips are still on the drive, the vpj file will reassemble the old project.


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