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Proxy editing

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A few minutes of preparation, to convert HD files to low resolution for editing, will markedly speed up the process.  Proxies are especially suitable for low-end PCs.

1.  Convert large video files to 320 X 240 and save to a unique folder.  (NCH's Prism software can do the job.)  Give them precisely the same names as the originals.

2. Using the PC's file manager, move the originals from the project folder to an empty folder. Alternatively, delete them to the recycle bin.

3. Copy the low-res files to VP's project folder.

4. Edit your project.

5. When done, in the VP video bin right-click on each of the low-res files, one-by-one, and click CHANGE or REPLACE FILE.  Locate the hi-res versions and replace each.              

Or, if the recycle bin method was used, close VP,  then delete the proxies in the project folder and use the file manager to right-click and restore the originals.                                   Reload the project, SAVE and EXPORT.

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