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NCH software install location

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I installed WavePad (after reinstallation of Windows 10).
Without asking for location the installer unpacked the files on the drive C
I never install any software on the system drive. I have moved the folder NCH Software to drive D
Will it work correctly? Will Windows auto-detect the new location?

I am already afraid to install VideoPad and SoundTap, that I have purchased, not to be installed on C again.
Please tell me what should I do to install them properly on D ?

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The basic functions of WavePad (I did not test everything) open, save, copy, paste, adjust volume, equalizer work correctly when WavePad is moved to another location.
The add-ons (for example lame encoder to enable mp3 support) are downloaded to the folder on D, so these features work too.
I hope the full, paid versions will work correctly moved to D after installation and before entering the key.

There is an option to select a work/data folder in each of NCH Suite components, but there is no option to select install location, what may be unpleasant to users.
My system drive is a SSD drive and it is only 200 GB. There is only Windows, drivers, codecs, fonts and these programs that run at startup. All other software is installed on D.
The main reasons to install third party software on a different drive is fast boot and easy-to-find any potentially unwanted files on the system drive. 
The other reason, if Windows ever crashed and is reinstalled, program data and settings remain unchanged.
No need to configure every program from the beginning.

This is why I recommend adding selection of installation path to the installer (or a portable .zip that could be unpacked anywhere).

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The older versions of WavePad displayed a dialog not to use this software for commercial purposes. The new free version stops to work after a few saves.
I will never buy an unfinished program. I appreciate whatever I can do in WavePad,
but I cannot regard it as finished with no possibility to save a file in a standard .wav format
and this installer not asking for destination.

Installing SoundTap, the full paid version:
After installation a message was displayed "SoundTap requires restart".
I clicked OK.
It restarted the whole computer, like in 2001! Not even asking to save all open work in other programs!

After the restart it suggested to download a new version with fixed bugs.
Reverted to the previous.

This time I say no to NCH products until they become configurable and major bug free.

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