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Difficulty installing VST

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Hello, I am currently discovering Mixpad (evaluation version). I have trouble loading VST plugins: some vst plugins are installed and are visible in "VST Effects" of mixpad. But most VSTs (downloaded from the NCH website) are not visible during refresh. Would anyone know why? Is the evaluation version limited? I will wish to solve these problems before buy the commercial version. Thanks for your help.

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I have downloaded your Mixpad Multitrack Recording software for evaluation and I am interfaced through a Tascam US-122L Audio/Midi interface. My vocals and guitar, record ok through the software but, my midi keyboard is not. Prior to buying any software, I would like to know that everything is functional. How can I test this if I must have VSTi's to make the midi keyboard function? 

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hi folks,

I have mixpad  v5.23 master, but don't succeed in installing vst instruments.

I have many dlls in the vstplugin directories, but i don't see any instruments or even effects.

Maybe I have plugins that are not compatible with mixpad?

where is the website with a list of compatible vst instruments on the nch web?

Kind regards, Olaf

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