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16 minutes ago, c_major said:

In that case, I don't think there is a bug in VideoPad.

Let's keep an eye on this issue. If you see the problem again please report to us right away.


Well, the problem with these specific video clips from soon two weeks ago still hasn't gone anywhere on my end. Did you have any other versions of the video editor that uploaded the videos just fine in their entirety? If so, can I have a download link for that?

Or what would you suggest I do to fix this for now?

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I would say these specified video clips are corrupted.

If we add code to tolerance this (like some players do) all other users will also run the code but for no reason.

Sorry we can't do much about this.

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14 minutes ago, borate said:

Here is a downloadable 60fps repaired BLADE file that appears to play correctly and fully in Videopad.

If you confirm that, and have but a few other corrupted files, upload them and we'll see what we can do.

Oh, why thank you!

But I have sorted it out. Well, I didn't fix the problem but I came up with a way to add the last 1-2 second bits to each video clip; I re-recorded the last seconds of each video and edited those short clips to the videos on VideoPad, making sure everything aligned perfectly so that the viewer couldn't notice the edits. Sure, it required quite a bit of work and tweaking, making sure that each video clip's video and sound synced perfectly. But I'm happy with the results. Should have done this weeks ago, but I just now came up with that simple idea.

Thank you regardless! If something like this happens again I'll let you guys know!

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