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I keep losing my music

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I've got some video, then I go to pictures and have some scrolling text, the song is playing and suddenly, my audio pane is empty.   To get it back, I have to re-open the project and lose any work I have done till my last save. I must have done this 20x, progress on my video is GLACIAL

What is happening? How can I avoid this?


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Update to the latest version.

If no change, let's take a look.  Someone may spot the problem.  Please share the project. Here's how...

1.  Save your project.  Then, with it on the timeline, click the FILE menu. SAVE PORTABLE PROJECT AS to any convenient folder.

2.  Open the folder that contains the saved files and ZIP them all.

3.  Upload the zip file to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive or the like.  It's free.

4.  Make the uploaded file public (share it) and copy the shared link.

5.  Paste the link into this forum.

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I think I am doing something wrong with the interface.  If click in the audio timeline, I see the properties of the song, but it's gray and no longer displayed as a waveform, like it's muted.  All it seems to take is 1 click and it's in this state. I've gotten to where I save every couple minutes so I can roll back and not lose much.  When it hoses up again, I will save and upload the project as you request.


Thanks very much for your assistance.

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