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I have version 5.05 of Express Invoice in English since they haven't upgraded the French version in the last year to 5.05.

On my previous computer that was syncing with DropBox I managed to not have to be 'pushed' to have the prefix on all my invoices numbers. I just switched computers from mac to mac and after disconnecting the previous computer from it's DropBox syncing and connecting my new laptop to the the DropBox I was forced to get it again.

I am really tired of this prefix thingy since this is very important that I do HAVE the choice to live with it since the tax guys at the governments don't think the same.

I have purchased the software and purchased the upgrades but by next fiscal year I am seriously thinking of dropping this uncontrollable invoice software for something more professional and adaptable.

Did anybody else was able to sync as a cloud backup to DropBox while not getting afflicted by this Prefix sting?

Thx for the help!!


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There seems to be a bug for this ¨Prefix¨ issue you are reporting, if you want more information you might want to contact NCH Software Technical Support by submitting a ticket here:


Good luck!

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