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I have recently started using Videopad to make short (under 15min) videos for youtube. I initially wanted to just use it as a free version, but it kept saying i needed a registration code every time i tried to export. As such, i bought the home version to stop it from pestering me! Not sure if i needed to do this really though (?). But I'm happy to have bought it.


Anyway...The really question i have regards export times. I've been putting together some rather amateurish film review videos, basically just of me talking and with some film poster image overlays here and there and some opening music. Now, i had intended to produce these quite regularly but have found videopad's export times very annoying. It's taking several hours at a time. I leave it going over night, and even then sometimes it hasn't finished. 


I recently realised i could export as lossless, and to start with this seemed to make it export much faster. But it's still taking an interminably long time.


Is this normal or is there something wrong with my computer, or are there settings i need to know about that will drastically reduce the export time? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm entirely new to this. 


What is the typical export time for a video of this type?


Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me. Let me know what details you need from me in order for you to be able to help me better, if required.


Kind regards



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What VP version?   The latest is here.

What are your PC's stats:  CPU, RAM, disk free space, video card?

What is the export resolution?  Lower res projects will produce faster.

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