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Saving a clip

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I'm pretty technically challenged, so my apologies if this has been answered somewhere and I missed it. 

I am reviewing a video and need to take two clips that are about 12 seconds each in length, and save them separately from the rest of the video (and from each other). I have done this before on an older version of videopad, but I can't figure out how to do it now. Can someone please help me?  

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One approach would be to drop the clips into separate sequences, then export each sequence.

With the project on the timeline, select the first clip that you want to isolate and press <ctrl-C> to copy it.

Click the + sign to the right of the SEQUENCE 1 tab.  That will create a new, blank sequence 2.  Place the pointer at the head of sequence 2 and press <crtl-V> paste.

Export SEQUENCE 2.

Then delete the clip that's in SEQUENCE 2 and repeat the process with the second clip to be isolated...or create a third, blank sequence for that clip.

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