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Video pad for audio only?

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hello helpful people - i’ve only just started using videopad (total novice to any editing software so please don’t be rude if this is a silly question) and wondered if it’s suitable for just audio file editing? I have edited an audio only file but it doesn’t give the option to export as MP3. is Wavepad better and if so do i have to buy that separately? Cheers.

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Rude?---us? ...... and questions are NEVER silly. (Replies might be...:))

OK. ...Videopad is essentially designed for video editing although cutting ,pasting and mixing of only audio clips  can also be done as well as  control of volume and speed, plus addition of some selected audio filters.  It requires a knowledge about the way VP works though but it can be done. If the audio clip once created is right clicked you can save it as a new file in a designated folder (set under Options). However, this will be in .wav format.

You can use NCH Switch Audio File Converter to convert the file to another format.

If you already have it then, VP can be quite useful. However,   NCH  Wavepad Sound Editor is the dedicated program to use for editing sound files. I think there may be a free version or at least one that can be tried out..perhaps with limited export options, or perhaps time limited. I'm not sure but obviously you would need to pay for a fully featured registered version. You can find the whole NCH suite here...


If you want to continue using VP you can always ask for advice on the forum, somebody will generally reply.


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As Nat notes, VP has basic audio capabilities.  WavePad is far more competent in that regard and integrates well with VP.

While it is a separate purchase if its full capabilities are to be utilized, perhaps you don't require that level of sophistication.  Test the program.

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