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Matthew Ronsani

Advice for use in a 5 person office

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So I am looking for advice on the the best way to set Express Invoice for a 5 person office. We have a very large spreadsheet to deal with because each item we sell is unique and gets a unique item number. I'm able to upload our CSV to Inventoria and link it to Express Invoice. Now we do have 5 work stations in the office that would need access to the customer and order info in Express Invoice. I could install a copy on each work station and sync with dropbox, but the syncing information part seems to be quite long. Is there a better way to do this? I've thought about using web access and creating a web account for each sales person, but I am having an issue when a order or invoice is entered using web access. I will put in the item number in the Item field, the info pops up as it should, but when i click out of the field, it switches to a different number by itself. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm  having the same problem here. Been looking everywhere for a possible solution or way around it. Also, I'd like to be able to assign user "levels/types" so only admins have access to deleting/modifying things. Right now anyone can just delete an invoice/item and I have no way of knowing who did it and when it  happened. This creates a serious security problem for my small business and it's the only reason why I don't use this software as much as I'd like. 😕

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