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Free software locks up, says I have to buy it to open again

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Hi folks, happily using this great free express invoice software for years now. I selected it because it was good and it was free.  I installed it again on my new computer last month and when i checked today I'm locked out, wizard pops up saying trial period is over and I have to buy it!?   Say what?

Is this program free?


The special free version you can download from the product home page is entirely freeware. It will never expire and you can use it free forever. Just make sure to download the free version.

Here's the page https://www.nchsoftware.com/invoice/kb/free.html 

There's two links right below, one for Download, the other for Buy.  The Download link is the same link as the Download link in the menu and in a couple other places.  That is how I downloaded it, yet today I am locked out. A Google search shows the word 'trial' isn't even used on the website.

To recap, I download free software, store vital info in it, and software locks down demanding payment.  This isn't ransomware so I assume this must be some sort of mistake.  

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Thank you.  It would be helpful for website to clearly indicate the free download link.  Turns out when i went to uninstall 'pro' version windows 10 gives me the option to downgrade to free version.

Confusing process but clearly a solution even for people who accidentally end up in my situation. 

Much appreciated


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