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Shatter transition

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I'm trying to shatter from a text screen to a video clip. Why won't it let me shatter for more than .02 seconds? I don't even see it shattering.....

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Some things to check...

  1. Is the text clip is on the same track as the video clip and immediately preceding it?
  2. Is the X between the clips light blue? (Not grey)
  3. Is there any sign of a transition bar between the clips shown as a dark blue band across the upper part of the join?
  4. Check the default value for transitions under Tools/Options/Editing. Suggest a value of 4 seconds (2 seconds/clip)
  5. Check the default value for text images (and images) under Tools/Options/Media (Suggest value of 8 seconds for a 4 second transition plus overlap)
  6. Check the clips are long enough to support the transition duration.

If the answer to  (3.) is Yes  then zoom in and grab the end  (either end) of the blue bar. You should see a small square bracket appear. Drag the bracket along the top of the track, This action  should lengthen (or shorten) the duration of the transition. Make it larger in order to see the transition properly.  An alternative to this is to left click the X and then Transition Properties at the bottom of the transition selection window. This will bring up a window in which you can alter the transition duration. (Use Overlapping transitions if the prompt window appears.)


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Thanks for the response. I'm using v 6.10, and I'd love to set the transition duration for more than .02 seconds, but I dragged the text box out for a full second and tried to set the transition time for .5 seconds- half the overlap time- and I get what you see in the screen shot found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SXXnNP0tTfBaX5VfwuZ-5vGkvTYvCEiG

What am I doing wrong?





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