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How to animate hotkeys on videocaptured video

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Hello everyone!

I'm many years user of Videopad and I love it!

Today I was videocapturing video instruction how to use website. I used Debut videocapturing and it is super!

But now i need to add to final video some kind of animation for hotkeys when I press.

For example, when I press Ctrl + C i copy text, when I press Ctrl + V i paste text. People who watch this video instruction might do not know why text apeears from nowhere. In order to make things clear I need to add some animation and may be some voice over like 'Ctrl + C is pressed!' and 'Ctrl + V is pressed!'


can you please suggest or give advice how to add this animation over the video?

I can use mask in Videopad.

So I can create PNG image with transparent background with Ctrl + C text on it.

I can apply zoom animation in order to produce cool expanding effect like in videogames.

I can add voice 'Ctrl + C pressed!'


can I export this ready piece in videofile with alpha channer, so video with transparent background in order I could easily insert this ready video-pieces in places where I press this hot key combinations in my video manual?

Or I am cursed to produce this animation each time i need it?

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One simple method would be to create a text file in Videopad, which will appear under the images bin tab.

Double-click it there and click EFFECTS.  Create the desired effect.

The text clip now contains the effect, which can be dropped onto the overlay track (usually track 2) repeatedly.

The effect alone can be saved as a template - which will be an icon at the bottom of the effects window - to be applied to any clip.                                                                                      SAVE AN EFFECTS CHANGE TEMPLATE, which is the fourth button from the left in the effects toolbar.


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