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Hi, I'm usng a A80 Apeman action camera and have difficulty getting the image straight (levl) especially the line of the horizon.

If rotate in Videopad oart of the surround can be seen as white and grey check pattern which spoils the  video.

Is there a way to rotate the image so that the white and grey check pattern can't be seen ?

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As a visual aid for lining up the horizon try this...

  • Open VP and click  Add Title
  • Select Horizontal
  • Leave Start and End at 0 and 100 respectively
  • Enter a value for line thickness (Suggest 1)
  • Make vertical offset 50 for a centre horizontal line
  • Select a colour that will be easily seen against your video e.g red or yellow. (Use the pipette to pick a colour)
  • Close the Edit window and scroll to the end of your "Text"
  • Create a Snapshot of the horizontal line.

In the destination file label the png image created suitably.

You can now use this png on the overlay track to line up the horizon between clips exactly on the centre of the frame.



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Thanks Guys i'll try those.

I'm finding it difficult to use a head mounted bracket for the camera to keep it straight when filming.

I may have to buy a hat so that when i've set it up i know it will be straight

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