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Help Trying to Pair/Sync a Split Screen GoPro Video

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First post here ...... i have struggled for 2 weeks to get registered here , as the site was having issues with my email address , even though 1 of them met the requirements (no underscore)  , so after a few emails someone finally registered me from their end  ..... (Thank you Josh)


I was trying to do a "Split Screen" video in the GoPro Studio , and it only works when both videos are the same length , but if you edit the length , then it won't Pair them , and GoPro no longer supports GoPro Studio  *go figure* , so i downloaded the Video Pad editor and am having the same issue sort of , as i can't find any way to Pair/Sync a Split Screen video   , so how do i "Pair/Sync" 2 GoPro videos  , 1 is from a Hero 3+ Silver , the other is from a Hero 3 Silver  , they are the same format (MP4) , but every time i try to edit them to be the same length by cutting the end of the video off but leaving the beginning the same (videos i am cutting to 15 minutes from about 17-19) , but when i try to get them side by side in the editor , they do not play at the same time  , they are off  , even though i pushed the Record buttons at almost the same time and if i play them individually they seem to be starting at the same time (within 1 or 2 seconds from each other) , so they "should" be close enough in time to sync  , but its way off  , so if i try to move either of the videos in the timeline , then it seems its worse , then i can never get them back to the original frame without what seems to be cutting/losing portions as it scrunched the video up then moving it in the timeline  , its really confusing as to why i can't get them to Pair or sync  , so i have to start over , and end up with the same result every time   


The demo videos i have watched on this site to use the editor did not help as they do not seem to be pairing 2 videos , they seem to be just putting 2 random videos side by side , which does not help my situation ..... Basically the videos are dirt bike/ Moto videos from my helmet cam  , i have 1 facing front and 1 facing the rear   , i want to be able to have them side by side on the screen  , so half and half/the same size , one of the front view the other of the rear , but they need to play at the same time per frame , or as close as i can get them , so when viewing you can look at either video and see your in the same place on the track , etc.  , i can get the sound off on 1 so i only hear the front , which is good , but i can't get the videos to match frame per frame , or close enough so it looks even


Any ideas on how to do this ??? ( i am using the "free" version)  , as there does not seem to be a lot of info on this subject and the manual does not help at all in this situation  , or am i out of luck ??? 


Any help is appreciated .... Thanks .... Jim

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Drop camera one onto the timeline (track one).   Make any needed effects on each - crop, position, scale, etc.

Drop camera two just above - onto the overlay track (track 2).  Make any needed effects.

That may be all that's needed, if the clips have been sized and scaled to fit nicely side-by-side.   But to ensure a clean split screen...

Click the FX button on track one and click SPLIT SCREEN.  Exit the effects editor.  That clip will now be LEFT screen.   Do the same for track two, but click on B in the effects box.

To sync them, drag either track horizontally.

Unless the two cams  were sync locked, they may not have recorded at precisely the same speed.  In that case, even if they're synced at the start they may drift apart.  About the only way to fix that is to drop (cut out) a few frames occasionally - a real pain.

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You could also right click the longest (slowest) of the two videos and select Change clip speed. Increase this by small percentages  so it shortens to match the companion clip.

Or decrease the clip speed of the fastest clip (the shortest) to achieve the same thing.

Or do both.


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Thank you for the replies guys ! 


borate:  , It sounds like i did pretty much what you mentioned , with the exception of clicking B in the effects box , and when i tried to "drag" them , is when it seemed that it made matters worse and it would never go back to where it was , which is what confuses me   , also  i am not sure what Sync Locked is , i am assuming this is a GoPro setting somewhere in the camera setup that i missed   , .......  does it require a wireless remote ?? , if so i have not purchased one yet  , i just push one on , then the other , by hand , but as mentioned , the time between each camera recording is only a matter of a second or 2 i think , basically the time it takes to reach from one camera on the mouthguard to one on top rear of my helmet  , but i will go over the GoPro instructions  and see what i missed about the Sync Lock , and retry making sure i am using the B ( i don't recall doing that)........... EDIT: , i just looked thru the 3+ Silver manual and i could not find anything on Sync Lock , so not sure what it is or if its only on the newr 4-5-6 cameras


Nationalsolo: , I will also try to adjust the clip speed and see if there is a difference   , as i asked GoPro if there was a difference in recording between the 3+ silver and the 3 silver and they said they are the same  , although in reviewing all my footage from each weekend i did notice that as the recording process takes place , they each break up the segments in different lengths , so where one (3+) has a 19:53 and a 6:12 for the split on a single recording session , the rear (3) has a 17:35 and a 8:35 for the split on the same recording session  , so when i set the 2 clips together in 1 timeline one is 26:05 long and the other on the next timeline is 26:10 long , which is only 5 seconds difference , but not sure if its because of recording speed is different between the 3 and 3+ , or it just took me 5 seconds to reach back and push the button to stop the recording on the second camera from the first  , but i would not think that 5 seconds would make that much of a difference  , as when i play them both they are more like 10-15 seconds apart in sequence from timeline 1 to 2 , and that is where i have issues getting them to be around the same frame as the other so it looks like your watching a front/rear view simultaneously   


I would think the 10 second difference would only be in the overall length of the total video recorded , not in the time it actually records each segment , which seems to be about a 2 and a quarter minute difference in the first half and a 2 and a eighth minute difference in the second half , which i have no control in adjusting , as its a set time that it splits each video into segments that is built into the software of each GoPro model  , which the only differences i could find was this time recording before each split , and the 30 and 60fps that the 3+ does where the 3 only does 24 and 30fps  , but i do my recording on 30fps on both so that should not be a factor , other than those 2 things , i can't find any other difference between the 3 and 3+ Silver

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When professionals use tape recorders for an event, the machines are slaved to the master recorder or time source, to ensure that time codes match.  That's a function that is usually unavailable in consumer products.  Isolated cameras can record a slightly different speeds, though this may not be an issue with those using digital media.

If cam 1 is late, drag the cam 2 track to the right, to make it just as late as cam 1.

Dragging clips a small distance can make a big difference.  Expand (stretch) the tracks using the slider near the bottom-right of the window.  This will make it easier to move a track in very small increments until the sync is correct.  If a dragged clip snaps back to its original position, hold down the <alt>key as it's being dragged.

If you make a mistake, press <ctrl--Z> - same as EDIT menu|UNDO.  This can be done repeatedly, to undo earlier changes.

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