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Smudge Background Faces

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In my video how can I cover up some faces in the background that don't want to be recognized or visible ?

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You can use the Censor effect.

  1. Click the FX tab on the timeline clip concerned
  2. Click the large green cross and pick the Censor effect from the filter section. This places a black rectangle on the clip preview.
  3. Move and resize the rectangle to cover the item required.
  4. Select the Blur option for a pixeleated patch over the object
  5. Select Oval or Rectanglar from the shape options for the patch.

If the object moves you will have to animate the patch using keyframes to keep over the object.

If you want more than one censor patch then once you have created the first one, save the timeline as a Sequence. Reload the sequence and add a second patch etc.

That is one way. Another is to place a blank frame on the overlay track, crop it so it will cover the object and use the Position effect to place it where you wish. This some restrictions..It can only be opaque (but any colour)  and you can't blur it...but it works. You could also make a mask....

The Censor effect is the simplest. 🙂


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