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Text scrolling in, then out

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Hey everyone! New to the editing world, trying to figure out how to make text scroll into the frame, pause for a moment, then scroll back out. Tried the search function and google with no luck :( Thank you in advance!

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Check this thread..


Basically you can use the POSITION effect. For a horizontal scroll with pause....

  1. Write text and place on timeline
  2. Click FX and open the POSITION effect window. (Including graph pane) Clip preview will now show a dotted rectangle
  3. Drag red cursor to the start of the clip in the graph pane. (LHS)
  4. Drag rectangle in clip preview off to the left and click keyframe tab (small green cross with red vertical line)
  5. Drag red cursor to the "stop/pause" position
  6. Drag rectangle to Pause position and create a second keyframe
  7. Drag red line to end of the Pause position and create a keyframe
  8. Drag effects red line to the end of the clip
  9. Drag rectangle off screen to the right an create a keyframe.

Effects pane should look like this...


Text will scroll in from the left, pause and then scroll out to the right. Adjusting the position of the two inner  keyframe markers will alter the duration of the pause.



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