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9-16 Portrait image exported still has black bands to each side.

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Whilst looking at a different problem for someone I noticed that when a 450 x 800 portrait image (9-16),  as shown here... (With corresponding data..)


....is exported as a 450 x 800 film clip it still has black bands to either side as shown below...even the though the export setting have been correctly set. The bands obviously are not as wide as the portrait image exported in a 16:9 format but they shouldn't be there.


A single frame from the video is shown on the left and the export window on the right (showing output as being 450 x 800.  An independant  program shows the clip to be 450 x 800 H264 MPEG as expected.

This suggests that the VP frame is correct but the exported image is not 450 x 800. 

Anybody check and explain?  (NCH?) It may have a bearing on the exporting of portrait setting for 9:16 telephone clips.



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Hi Borate

Thanks for taking a look. I'll check VLC but your test opens my VLC Firefox plugin and that shows the image on a black background so if there are black side borders I can'r see them. 😀 😀  I'll have another play.


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