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Synching Audio with Slideshow in VideoPad

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Learning how to use the various VideoPad features. Here's a question for the VP experts out there.  

PhotoStage Slideshow has a feature that allows one to automatically "shrink", "stretch", or "synch" a slideshow to "fit" an audio clip?

What would be the similar settings/features in VideoPad that would give me the same results!



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Suppose there's a thirty second audio clip ... and a completed slide show track that's ten seconds longer.

First, you might lock the audio track (lock symbol at the left), to make certain that it's not affected.  Then select all the video tracks, right-click and GROUP SELECTED CLIPS.

Now place the mouse pointer at the end of the video track until it becomes a ] bracket ... and drag left until the end of video shrinks to match the end of audio, shortening the length of each slide proportionally.  Video can be lengthened (stretched) as well, using the same method.

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Note that if your slides are of different duration you can only do this up to the point where your shortest slide is reduced to zero duration.

If individual slides need to be synced to the audio then you can drag their borders individually, but in this case don't group them. VP automatically closes any gaps if a slide is made shorter or pushes all other slides to the right if one is made longer.

If I am synchronizing slides say, to music then I select everything to the right of the first slide (using SHIFT as per Windows select) and drag them to the right to create a gap. I then adjust the duration of the first slide to match the audio. Now I either Close the gap and repeat the process or just drag just the next slide back to joint up with the first, adjust it and so on.



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