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Advanced audio question

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I'm very happy with Videopad so far. I bought it to process Goprp videos and discovering that W7 did not work with the Gopro software this was a good option.


  So what I started doing and partly was my plan all along is recording mountain bike video recording and archiving the entire ride(s) in 1080P. So I decided to mute the ride audio and drop in a 2nd audio track. Me being an audiophile I record records new and old in 24/96. I was able to use a 3 record box set totaling 1:45 min and it matched up nearly perfectly to my most recent ride video. I 1st thought to save space I processed the audio down to a MP3 file. I discovered that Videopad by default up-converts audio to 24/96 so I reprocessed using the original 24/96 file and it is awesome.  

  So my 1st question is ; can I ad the 2nd audio track as a 2nd audio not mixing it with the Gopro audio. So using the player remote I could choose either the music or the original Gopro audio?

  2nd question is I use BDRB to shrink the files to a BD5, BD9 or BD25 (which will not down-cvonvert the 24/96 audio). If I my goal is to process down to a BD5 or BP9 size can I change the default audio to say 16/44.1 or even MP3?

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VideoPad only output one audio stream at this point.

Some of the export format (e.g. AVI) supports mp3 and allows to change audio sample rate.

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