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The Export Queue

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As you export projects they are saved in the format etc. set up in the export parameters to your designated destination folder but appear listed  as shown in this example of 4 exported videos...


Clicking the Clear Completed Items button will remove the said items from the queue. Individual items (completed or not) can be removed using the Remove option.  (This action does not remove the exported video) Whilst the list is open you can Play the exported video or open the destination folder. The list is automatically deleted when a new editing session is started with VP. (i.e. you close VP and then reopen it.)  Note: The options do not remove the exported work. It just clears the list.


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Thanks Nationsolo for your helpful and detailed explanation. I’m new to the software and while I’ve digitalised a number of old VHS recordings now, once I’ve captured and finished exporting them I’ve invariably closed the program. Hence, I’ve never seen or developed an “export queue,” the box has always remained blank and I was left wondering?  ?

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