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Fade out not working on audio track

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Anyone have issues with Fade Out on an audio track not working?

Sometimes it works in the editor, sometimes it doesn't.  When I exported the video, it did not.

I created a small 1 clip, 1 audio track video and it did work on the export.

My current project has two video and 4 audio tracks.  The Fade out is in the Audio 2 track.

Version 5.11.  Tried the Clear Unused Cache file.  Still hit or miss in the preview.

I do a video once a year, this is my last year.  Upgrading to 6.0.1 is going to require a re-purchase but

i'm not sure if the issue is fixed.  The last one before 6.01. is 5.32.  Is it possible to get 5.32 somewhere?

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