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VP 6.01 How can we float in every axis an picture image over a playing video.

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We've created a introduction video of one of our Bands, and during the playing of the video I have images that I'm interested in having float across the playing video in every axis (top, left, right, bottom), and for the life of me can't figure out how.

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Higher tracks are overlays that take precedence over lower tracks.  Thus, if pic A is on track 1 and an identically sized pic B on track two, only pic B would be seen.

An example of what you have in mind...

A video clip is placed on track one and a still image is on track 2.

The FX button is clicked at the left-bottom of the still image clip in the time line on track 2, to bring up the effects editor.

   A scale effect is applied, to reduce the size of the image.  As it's now smaller, track 1 video can be seen.

   A position effect is added, with keyframes, to animate the image - floating it from bottom-left to top-right.

           See http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win/effects_animating.html

   A transparency (opacity) effect is added to allow the background to show through the still image.

In this manner, any desired movements and sizes can be achieved.

The result.  The first half is the VP screen, showing the running effect;  the second half is the exported project.

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