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Moviepart in VP freezes

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Hi there,

Today i had time to editing a movie for my family. It's a long movie 20' and i saved it from time to time. There was a lot to edit  and it took me the whole day. When i finally finished the movie and wanted to see the result i discovered that a 6' during part of a vacation in the mountains became a freezing picture but during 6 minutes. That means that from my movie of my vacation 6 minutes disappeared and turned into 1 frame but 6 minutes long. 

The original movie is on a HD and there i can see the movie clear. Also the pictures that where made in the mountains. But when i want to add this movie to an existing file the same part of the movie vanished into 1 frame but 6 minutes

When i want to start a new project, than also the mountain vacation doesn't show up. 

What did i do wrong or what happened here?

greetz, marc


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Hi Borate,

Something very strange is happening. After reading your answer i checked everything you asked.

VP version: 6.03, file type: .mov, the other files are also .mov.

I have CleanMyMac3 on my computer and sometimes it tells me to clear files, caches, trash etc. I cleaned yesterday but you said try CLEAR UNUSED CACHE FILES, under OPTIONS|DISK. So i did this again. Than i opened VP and the edited movie in .vpj and everything was ok, back to normal. In the whole mountain piece all the pictures are there again. I have no explanation for this unusual restoring. Also the copy that i made is restored again.

This afternoon, when i saw the trouble in the edited movie on the timeline and later in the original i restarted my computer but that didn't work.

Thanks anyway,


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That's what i think but i'm not sure that's reason. It works anyway.

If others have the same problem, they should wait for an hour or so and than do the clearing, maybe it's only the VP cache but there can be a struggle in editing or something.


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Hi, I have the same HUGE problem.

This is the second time this month. So I cannot wor !!!:


I use newest V 6.01. I describe this problem:

If I edit a video (MP4) and export the edited video (HD YouTube MP4 etc normal format), then I CAN see this video at all videobrowsers.

BUT: if I enter this video in Videopad V 6.01 and play this video, then this video only shows the first "pic" and freezes, while the audio play normal.

At the Videopad TIMELINE for sequence and for clip, I only see ONE "PIC" (the first "pic" at the beginning) .

This is not the first time OI have this problem and it frustates because I cannot edit created files anymore!


Fred van Ommeren 

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Hi fred,

The problem i had was solved by itself. I have no clue for you what you can do about. I noticed once that i refused to clean my computer as i said higher in this topic. After i cleaned the comp my movie didnot freeze any pictures anymore. I have no experience with You Tube. The movies i edit are for family use, not public. Maybe you can try when you finished editing your movie, make an MP4 for yourself on Export Video>Video File. when it's finished and you have your movie in VideoPad>Video return to Projects and now put your Video in You Tube by going Export Video>YouTube. It's only an idea.


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