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Distorted Audio

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hello,  I just started using videopad editor.  I have created a few clips with good results.  now I am trying to make a new clip from same camera video, which, when views in a realplayer media sounds fine.   when I create new project in videopad editor the clips sound distorted because recording level in camera was too high.   is there a way I can adjust this ?   I would think when the video plays without distorted audio in a media software like realplayer, video plad editor would be able to handle it the same way.... help !  thanks in advance.

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If the recording was over-driven there's little to be done but reduce volume.  VP inputs the file without altering sound, unless you change it.

Click the FX button at the bottom-left of the sound track, then click the large green + at the upper-left of the effects window.

Choose either AMPLIFY or NORMALIZE, and move the slider to the left to reduce volume.

If no joy, please upload a sample, per c_major's suggestion.  Be sure to make it public, and post the link here.

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