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Infinity foot controller in-usb-2 status ok in ExpressScribe pro, but not working

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Hello ! (excuse my Frenglish lol)

Anyone facing issues with the foot controller infinity in-usb-2 with ExpressScribe Pro ?  I configured it correctly, it shows status OK in the status bar, but when I press the controller it's not playing, nor rewarding, not fasting forward. Please can anyone help ? I bought this controller out of Amazon, and I cannot send it back anymore. A foot controller someone lent me, specific to Olympus dss player, works just fine with ExpressScribe.

Should I downgrade ExpressScribe Pro ? Please note that my controller is brand new, no dust stocked inside it. Thanks for any help.


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Yes, having the same issue. Except I can rewind and fast-forward, but not use the middle pedal to play/pause. Did you get this issue resolved? Also, did you register your foot pedal? Wondering if that has anything to do with it? I recall reading on the ExpressScribe website that a software license is required with this Infinity foot pedal (and I think any others that aren't the Alto Edge foot pedal).

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