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"Unable to create the new file" in Express Rip

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The error message "Error opening file - Unable to create the new file" appears when the rip reaches certain tracks.  It stops the rip until the problem track-files are unchecked.  It has happened with a number of CDs.  Express Rip performed OK to start with and the error messages only began to appear after I decided to buy a software licence.  Now it prevents a few tracks on most CDs from being ripped.

The track-files that create the error message do not present a problem for Windows Media, and they work with the Play functionality in Express Rip

I have raised a support request but would like to know if anyone has experienced and solved this.



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Exactly the same problem. After buying a license a get the same message. The CD can be read and played. It doesn't matter where the map is. 

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