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Free or Not Free

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I downloaded Mixpad on two different computers basically because I wasn't getting good results on the first one. So now the Mixpad still opens on the original but won't open on the second one.

I get three options:

1)   View special pricing and Buy

2)   Enter a code after purchasing

3)   Exit and Close Mixpad

I thought using Mixpad for non-commercial purposes was allowed. Apparently depends on something more than that. I haven't found it to deal with latency well so I won't be buying it. Too bad, cuz I liked the format for just wanting to record multiple audio tracks without all the extras like midi and the like.

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Hello bgharvey, if you wish to install the free version for Mixpad then you may want to download from this link http://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/mpfreesetup.exe

Regarding the latency issues, keep in mind that you can set the offset hardware latency by clicking on Options > General > Audio Recording and specify the latency in milliseconds. 

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That still doesn't explain how the same download file works as "free" on one computer and not on the other.  I used the same download ( mpsetup.exe ) for both.

Also, on the latency, I've tried that option and it made no difference. The other thing is that how can I determine exactly what the latency value is, other than trial and error?


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