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Haupauge capture to debut no audio

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I m capturiing my old footage , from Sony hi8 camera using haupauge video audio capture device; and go through debut to capture  but it is not showing audio ? 

So can you help me please,

Thank you


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  1. In the Options of Debut go to the 'Devices' tab and confirm that "Capture Sound" is enabled.
  2. Also ensure that the Sound Device selected is your computer's sound card, and the Input Channel is "Windows Record Mixer".
  3. Click on the "Open Windows Record Mixer" button to open the Recording Control window.
  4. Make sure the correct output is selected. If you have the  capture device, select the line in device on your sound card. If using another capture device, select the sound device associated with that capture card.
  5. Also check that the volume slider for that output in the Recording Control window is set to an acceptable level.
  6. Open the Windows Volume Control mixer by clicking the loudspeaker icon on the computer's system tray, and check to see that your selected device is not muted.

***If the issue persist, open a support ticket at http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html?software=Debut&support

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