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If by phase you mean change the volume up and down then yes....

Right click the Audiotrack and from the menu select Fade in and enter the duration of the effect. Right click the Audio track again and select Fade out from the menu. Enter the duration required. Your Audio track should now fade in and out. It doesn't have to be unlinked from the Video track.

For other sound effects the process is a little different. Click the FX button at the start of the Audio track and in the effects window that appears click the green cross and select the effect you require. Make adjustments to the effect (if required)  and play the clip to monitor the sound.

To the right of the window is a "graph" pane. This is for setting up the keyframes for the selected effect. Slide the red cursor line in this pane to the left which is the start of the clip or the point where you want the effect to start and then click the small green cross which will add the current effect to the cursor position and draw a line representing the effect.

Now move the cursor line along to the position where the effect is to be changed and repeat the procedure. In this way you can have the effect vary along the timeline of the clip. Each keyframe is shown by a small square on the graph line (or lines as some effects may have several parameters) Note that these points can be adjusted manually and others added to the line simply by click and readjusting the position.

The keyframe graph line might look something like this depending on how many keyframes you add....


When the track is played, the effect chosen will vary smoothly up and down from keyframe to keyframe. If the effect is not quite right you can reopen the effects window and adjust the or delete the particular keyframe, or, indeed, delete the effect altogether by clicking the white cross  and choosing  another more suitable effect. The same principle is used to "animate" effects with clips on the Video Tracks.


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