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Video Runs Slow in Preview Window

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Video Runs Slow in Preview Window. The sync gets progressively worse while playing. 

i'm experiencing this problem with your 6.01 beta. 

It might have started when i installed aacenc3 and x264enc7. 

Here's a sample clip: http://pc.cd/1LtrtalK

i did not have this problem on 6.0. 

a clean boot did not fix it. Clearing cache didn't fix.

Any fix?

Update: also happens in docked preview pane after playing for a few seconds. 

On quitting, i get something like "stopping queued threads", which i never saw before. 


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in the docked preview:

  • only the buffered region plays correctly. Past the buffered region, the video plays slow. 
  • suggestion, it would be helpful if the buffer meter was thicker and labeled. 

In the Preview popout window:

  • there's no "buffering" progress meter. 
  • This preview does not use the buffer from the docked Window, so it has to do it's own separate buffering. 
  • Seems it never gets into sync. Seems it never buffers, or buffers much slower than docked preview.
  • Changing to low res, low frame-rate doesn't help. 

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