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YouTube Export Option Not Working

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I've been using the YouTube export option for all of my videos with success. However, today after it renders the video and moves on to the step of connecting to YouTube to upload, it just hands and then states it failed, losing the entire rendered video and forcing me to re-render.

After 3 failed attempts, I'm back to converting the video and manually uploading it (no big deal).

I'm curious if anyone else is running into this issue and may have a fix?



EDIT: I'm running Videopad v6


UPDATE 1 (Possible Solution):

Try adding Videopad to your Windows firewall


Uninstall then reinstall Videopad



Another failed video. It may be size related? Only workaround is to export your video and manually upload it.

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I have had this issue as well.  NCN refuses to take ownership of this issue and blames the end user for their own problems.  I should have known better than to buy cheap crappy software.

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I completely removed the software and installed it again. I did an export with a different video last night and it worked. Going to do more tests today, will report my results.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I also added Videopad to my firewall. A separate 2nd video uploaded. Hopefully it's all fixed now.

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