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Export Hangs at 99%

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With a licensed VideoPad, I've tried three times to export a 34-second video, and after an hour I click "Cancel" and try a lower resolution.

First Try: HD 1080
Second Try: HD 720
Third Try: YouTube 480

This is with
i7 3.6 GHz processor
Dedicated 3GB graphics card
...and minimal background proceses.

This video has no audio track. Just one track with video and two with short captions. No heavy lifting.

Each time, the progress gets to 99%, but never completes (within an hour). Any ideas?

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Are you using the latest VP version?

What is the export format?  Have you looked to see if the export succeeded despite the hang?  That has happened occasionally.

Put the project up on a server and someone will test it...

With the project on the timeline, click FILE|SAVE AS PORTABLE PROJECT.  Upload ALL the resulting files (zip them if you like) to DropBox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.

Make the link public and post it here.

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