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Lance Asner

How To Scroll Down Text?

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Use the animation editor, setting ZOOM and POSITION effect keyframes.  Keep in mind that the closer one keyframe is to the next, the faster the action will occur.

Check out this and this.  Also, click on the "presets" chevron, if available, and examine if one of the choices offered might help to accomplish your mission.

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The first thing to think about is that as you zoom into your image or clip it is going to get larger from a pixel point of view and therefore  in effect less clear. Your editing zoom with VP will not be like the zoom made with the camera lens when your clip was shot...it will be a digital zoom. Bearing that in mind  here are the basic steps.,,,,,

  • Put your image/clip on the timeline.
  • Click the FX tab on the clip and then the large green plus button at the top left of the Effects window.The effects list will appear.
  • Select the Zoom option.
  • Drag the red cursor in the  keyframe pane to the left (Start of the clip) and fix a keyframe by clicking the small green cross. This creates a keyframe at the start of the clip.
  • Move the red cursor along the pane a short distance ..say 2-3 seconds. Click the small green cross again to set a second keyframe. This represents the time your un-zoomed clip will remain stationary
  • Slide the red cursor line along for distance which will represent the time taken for your zoom...e.g. another 2-3 seconds.
  • Now using the handles, drag the sides of the dotted rectangle in the Clip preview window in or out so it outlines the area to be zoomed to. e.g. the top area of your lette. rCreate another keyframe. (Click the small green cross)
  • Move the cursor along to represent the time you wish for the text to be read. Create another keyframe
  • Move the cursor along again to match the time you want to scroll down the letter.
  • Without changing its size, drag the zoomed-in rectangle down the Clip preview image to the final position at the bottom of the text
  • Create another keyframe
  • Finally move the cursor along to the far right,,,,the end of the clip
  • Create a final keyframe and close the effects window.

What will now happen when you play the clip is that the letter will remain in full view for 2-3 seconds and then the image will zoom in to your selected area. (Top) It will  remain stationary for 2-3 seconds for it to be read and then the frame will scroll down the text to the bottom and remain stationary until the end of the clip. ...

In this example the Zoom  keyframe screen will  look something like this...


This is the whole screen....The scroll in this image is about 1/2 way down the letter.....


If you are using an image for your letter you can alter the speed of the different frame movements by extending the duration of the image clip. If you are using a video clip for your letter image you will have to make the action slower by slowing down the clip speed. The timing are up to you and are controlled by adjusting the keyframe positions.

As you can see this uses just the Zoom effect. The only caveat is that the zoom is NOT an optical zoom like those made actually during filming and image quality will suffer if you zoom in too far. The clarity will depend on the image/video clip chosen.



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