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Title text moving about?

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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to generate a title sequence of;

1 line,
2nd line fades in below  1st line,
3rd line fades in  below   1st & 2nd 3rd lines,
Etc, Etc.

I started off with all the lines, duplicated the Text clip, reducing the lines one by one for each subsequent clip.

Trouble is the text moves slightly up/down the page and so doesn't align properly.

Any clues as to why?
Or should I be doing it a different way?

Thanks Chaps!



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Create line 1.

Copy it <ctrl-c>

Exit the title window

Open new title window

Space down a line (or more)

Paste <ctrl-v> (for this demo) or type in text for second line

Delete default title name above

Close the title window

    Repeat as needed, spacing down a line (or more) each time

This sets up the sequence in order.  Seems to be a way to do the job, but indeed there may be a slight spacing difference between lines.  Tough to measure.



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Another way uses only two clips. One is your lines of text. The other is a blank. In this example there are 4 lines of yellow text on a black background and a blank black frame. The example is set up to show the first line of text, then to fade in the next line and so on. The whole sequence is 8 seconds long with each line fading in over two seconds but remaining visible until the end of the sequence.

The principle is pretty straightforward; a blank frame is set at different heights so as to reveal each line of text in turn and the Transparency effect is used to produce a fade in.

  • Create your lines of text
  • Place your lines of text on Video Track 1
  • Place the blank clip on Video Track 2
  • Drag the blank clip up to Video Track 5. Now you are ready to start the process.
  • Add the Position effect to Video Track 5 and move the blank frame so only TEXT LINE 1 is visible when in Sequence preview.
  • Move the clip along the timeline a bit and move the cursor line into the gap produced
  • Drag and drop the blank clip from the clip bin on Video Track 4.
  • Add the Position effect to Track 4 so TEXT LINE 1 and TEXT LINE 2 are now visible.
  • Move the clip along the timeline a bit and repeat the procedure for the remaining two tracks

NOTE: The purpose of moving the blank clips along the timeline is to be able to check the position of the blank against the text as any upper track will obscure a lower one. Now with all the overlay tracks correctly positioned, close all the gaps so all the clips are at the start. At the start only TEXT LINE 1 is visible

  • Now add the Transparency effect to Video Track 5  Use key frames to make the Opacity 100% for 2 seconds then decreasing over the next 2 seconds to 0% opacity remaining at 0% to the end. Should look like this...


  • Now do the same for Video Track 4. 100% Opacity now lasts for 4 seconds now.....


  • Now do the same for Video track 3. 100% Opacity now lasts 6 seconds...


  • Video track 2 does not require the transparency effect.

When played the sequence starts with TEXT LINE 1 and every 2 seconds the next text line fades in.

The main screen looks like this..... TEXT LINE 3 is just fading in.....


This only used two clips as stated above. Obviously the timings of the "reveals" is up to you and if you use more lines of text than in my example you will need to use more blank overlay tracks.

Hope this helps




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