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Frankie Jay

Video export not starting at the beginning

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I’ve twice exported a video on my Mac and the quality is very good. However the export does not start at 0:00. This means the start of the video is missing. When I preview it the video starts at the very beginning. I’ve looked at the timeline and I can see a greyed out section and that is the bit that is missing. How do I get rid of this greyed out section. Or how do I get VideoPad to export what is on the timeline. An urgent response would be very appreciated. Thanks

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if you edited a clip using the red Start and blue End markers in Clip Preview,  the clip on the timeline is truncated in real time and the timeline adjusted to remove any gaps.

If, on he other hand you selected the Sequence from the Sequence Clip bin (which in effect is the whole of the timeline) and used the Start and End markers, the timeline is not readjusted (like a clip) but the truncated section is rendered grey and will not export.

To correct this,  click into Clip Preview mode, open the Sequence clip bin and left click the sequence. It will  open in the preview pane and you should now see that the red Start marker is not at the start of the sequence and the bit to the left of it will be greyed out. Grab the marker and move it left to remove the grey area.

The timeline should now look normal and export correctly.


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