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Hey, I am running VideoPad v5.20

Last night I was working on a project that had a LOT of edits with clips timed to the music. There were about 4 different source files. 
I was just over 2 minutes into the video editing timeline with cuts and splices about every 10 seconds or so.
I had been working on this for hours and fell asleep.
When I woke up my PC was restarting and I couldn't do anything to stop it. It was updating something I do believe although my windows auto update is turned off.

In past versions of the editor it would ask to restore my project if any crashes happened but this time there was no queue to load auto-saved project.
I have found the cache files with the appropriate time and dates on them for the project but can't figure out any way to load them back into videopad.
Are these cache files now useless or how can I restore them into a videopad project?

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You looked under FILE menu|RECENT PROJECTS?

Be sure to back up regularly, using SAVE AS, with an incremental number, so as to not overwrite the previous file.

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Yes when the "Restore Previous project" didn't come up I loaded the most recent project in hopes that somehow it was there and had overwritten this project to it.
Nope, it was my previous project that I had completed.

Here is my biggest issue right now.
At any given time, if the program crashes or my PC were to turn off, VideoPad will ask if I want to restore the previous project upon restarting the program.
It has happened to me many many many times.
This time it didn't ask me that!
The one single time that it didn't ask me that was when my project was full of intense cuts which were all perfectly time matched to the music.
I can redo this procedure for some of it but after even 2 hrs of trying to restart this project I cannot get it like it was!
It is like making a puzzle, then trying to replicate all the pieces in the exact same shapes again.

Of course I save my projects in between sessions but I don't save them while I am working on them. 
I simply left the computer for a little bit when it decided to restart for some reason. (Autoupdates are turned off)
Wouldn't there be some way to use my 1.9gb of cache files?
I saved them to a separate folder now in hopes that I can do something with them.

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You need the .vpj file. Without it your project is lost in the event that an autosave was also lost. Using "Save" or "Save as" regularly will ensure that in the event of a crash you will still be able to get the project back....at least to the point where the save was made.

The ,vpj file is basically a text file containing all the instructions that enable VP to reconstruct your project. names of video clips used, their locations on your PC, details of the various edits you made, effects and transitions etc.

The cache file on the other hand holds copies of clips and thumbnails generated by VP whilst you were working on the project as well as any previous projects you may have worked on if the cache was not cleared at some previous point. (Tools/Options/Disk)

The .vpj  file will recreate your project as it accesses the clips  from the cache  making the loading faster as thumbnails etc. are already present and applies the editing steps it has stored..

Even if the cache has been totally cleared  the .vpj file will still be able to recreate your project as it contains all the details of where your clips are stored, but it will take appreciably longer. It needs to find your clips from your PC now. load them, recreate the thumbnails and then apply all the editing steps you made. If you have deleted any clips from your PC or moved them to a different location VP will let you know and prompt you to manually find them.

So, as mentioned at the start you should regularly save your work.



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On 11/19/2017 at 6:09 AM, VivaLaResistance said:

Or are the cache files only simply to do with the preview playback?


Yes. Cache only store frames used for preview to make it faster.

Autosave popup only appear when VideoPad terminated with un-saved contain. Please be aware of that it will also get overwritten each time VideoPad runs - If you choose not to load an autosave, you won't be able to get the autosave popup next time start VideoPad.

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