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Sound Dropouts

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Possible Bug.  (Golden)

I have been digitising my record collection, about 120 LPs.  Very occasionally the play-through sound misses about a second, but the gap doesn't occur on the recording, so all is well.

BUT today two such events occurred close together and there was a gap in the recording.    This coincides with disk activity, so I'm guessing you're writing to a temporary file and this is interrupted by Windows writing something to disk.

Maybe a cure would be to allow us to specify the location of the temp file, on another drive or maybe on a ramdrive?

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Hi, as soon as you stop the recording you will see the file in the following folder C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Music\Golden there is no temp file or at least this cannot be accessed during the recording. If the issue occurs on old recording I will suggest you to reinstall the software

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