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Green Bar Thickness could be increased

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The light green load bar showing the clips loading to the timeline now seems so narrow that it is almost invisible. Is there any way that it can it be made wider or more contrasty? Currently it shares its width with the blue area that darkens when the clip is selected.Both then appear very narrow My suggestion is that it could be positioned along the bottom edge of the timeline thumbnails where it would be thicker.  The top of the thumbnail line would then be a wider blue bar that darkens to indicate selected clips. I would also suggest that a more contrasting colour be used ...say GREEN instead of the current LIME shade.

Currently it looks like this...Even with the timeline made wider it is not easy to see.....and the "selected"clip (swans) blue line is also narrow.


My suggestion would look more like this....



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Hi Nat,

The green bar is something that we shouldn't have to look at all the time - it's not part of the editing.

We made it less obvious to avoid users being distracted from editing.

Thanks for the suggestions and discussions are most welcomed.


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