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Unable to add new contact

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Quite simply I have just managed to import a CSV file and got it to show - only took 20 odd attempts of doing the same way. Now my other problem on top of importing I CANNOT add a new contact either via the Account Tab or via the Contact tab. I have only just bought this and I am not happy as it means a waste of money and my time. This should be a good simple system but all I can see is it is flawed with a bug. I ahve emailed support but no reply yet. 

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Hi there, I am currently experiencing the same problem regarding importing a file. I've done it successfully in the past but now seems to be on the blink. Below is the solution for solving your CONTACTS issue. It requires a reinstall, but it is pretty simple but still a bit of a pain.

Overall, I like this program.  I am tired of monthly subscriptions when the customer data base I need is limited so big CRM programs with all their promises of new business development does not make sense for our company.

This program would be better if it allowed searches and some drop down menu's so you could sort customers between sales people. It does allow convenient linking of Word and Excel files via Notes.  I will do a reinstall to see if this solves my Import issue.  I'm just importing an exact file from another NCH data base.

Here are the instructions for reinstalling:

Re-Installing Reflect Data Base if (when) corrupted.


The only issue I’ve seen to date is a bug that appears to prevent new names from being entered into the Contact (s) list.

It appears the only way to fix this is to uninstall the program and than do a reinstall.

When you instruct to Uninstall you will be presented with some other options which include “fixing” the software, however none of these options fixes this particular problem so just proceed with the uninstall.


Critically important is that the Program will ask you whether you wish to delete associated folders.  DO NOT DELETE.  You need to keep these folders and files since they are linked via the Notes options to Word and Excel files created to track notes and dockets.

I have generally turned my PC on and off to ensure that it is a clean start.

Reinstall the program via the last back-up on the USB stick.

Reregister the program. (Located under File, Register Software)

Registration number:

Last registered as:

Reinstall the Back Up.

You are back in business.

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