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Hi all,

Very new to this and need a bit of help.

I have put my clips in the sequencer and timeline bit but now I want to delete bits of audio but not the video.  

Can anyone just point me in the right direction please



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Follow these steps...

  • Move the red cursor line along the main video track to the point where you want to start cutting out the sound.
  • Click the down arrow on the "Split" button under the Sequence  Preview window. and hover over Audio Tracks
  • Move the cursor right onto the list that appears to select the audio track to split. (Generally only one option)
  • Click the option required
  • Move the red cursor line to end of your selection where you wish the sound to start playing again and repeat the action. You will now have a secton of the sound track isolated.
  • To delete the audio section right click it and select "Delete" from the menu.........or.......
  • If you want to mute the audio section instead of removing it, click the loudspeaker icon that has appeared at the left end of the sound track section you have isolated and then click the Mute box. followed by OK. The selected section will now show a red loudspeaker.

In either case the sound will not play for the isolated part of the audio track.


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