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I have added image files to my video but I cannot change to ending time and the video stops at the original ending time.

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I have added image files to the end of my video, but it stops at the original end time of the video clip.  I have tried to change the new end time that reflects

the added images time, and I keep getting a message that reads: "Ending time must be after the Start Time and before the end of the clip". And it doesn't go away until 

I click out of the screen, and then I click back to it and then when I try to change the end time, I get the same message. 

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Are you attempting to isolate a portion of a clip, using the red [ and blue ] brackets at the ends of the preview window time line?

If so, first click on the clip in the media window (upper left).  Then move the scrubber (red line) to where the clip is to begin.  Click the START button.

Move the scrubber to the spot where the clip is to end and click the END button.

Now use the green arrow that's in the tool bar just above the media files to place the clip.  Click the chevron to the right of the arrow to see the options.

Follow this procedure every time another section of the same clip is to be utilized.

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